Tri-plunger High-pressure Grouting Pump GL-3ZA

Working ability:6m³ /h



Range of use: used for grouting mortar and cement paste.

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Product Features It’s used for forced grouting for mortar and cement paste.
1、Grouting cement mortar by the bolting.
2、Grouting cement mortar in tunnel construction
3、Grouting cement mortar for underground continuous wall.
4、Grouting cement mortar for juncture area between highway and bridge.
5、Grouting cement mortar for crack and unconsolidated formation in dam body and dam foundation of earth dam and earth-rock dam of reservoir and river and karst cave, water shutoff caused by the fault etc.

(Comparing with other models with same parameters)

1、The flow of the pump is adjustable, which can meet requirements of grouting or drilling.
2、The revolving period flow fluctuating value for the pump is small (nonuniform coefficient for flow S=1.04) , the total displacement in unit time is basically constant, the change of the outlet pressure has little effect on this.
3、The pressure is limited by adjusting the nut, easy for operation, also with protection function.
4、When the pump runs normally in construction site, there is no external moving parts, which will be beneficial for safe production.
5、All the sealing parts are made of wear-resistant materials, whose service life is long.
6、It’s convenient for dismounting.
7、Small size, light weight, flexible moving.


Item Unit GL-3ZA
Rotary Speed n r/min 91 245
Theoretical Displacement Qth L/min 76 207
Pressure Cement Paste Mpa 12 4
  Mortar   10 3.7
Medium Ratio   Kg Water:ash:sand =0.5:1:1.2
Inlet Diameter D mm 64
Outlet Diameter D mm 32
Power N Kw 18.5
Overall Dimension L*B*H mm 1800*945*705
Total Weight   kg 930
Horizontal Conveying Distance L m 0-380
Vertical Conveying Distance H m 0-120

Usage and Maintenance of Grouting Pump  
3.1 Maintenance Before Running
1. The Grouting Pump must be fixed in the foundation firmly.
2. The absorption pipeline length and absorption height should be shortened as soon as possible according to conditions on site.
3. It should be checked carefully whether spare parts in power end are fastened well, and the plunger and the pull rod should be connected firmly.
4. It should be checked whether the fit clearance for each movement mechanism is normal.
5. It should be checked whether the clutch and each speed change mechanism is flexible and reliable.
6. It should be checked whether there is sufficient unmetamorphosed lubricating oil.
7. It should be checked whether the intake and exhaust system in hydraulic end is blocked by the sundries.
8. About the Ball Valve and Valve Seat, it should be checked whether it can go up and down freely, and whether it’s closed well.
9. It should be checked whether all spare parts on both sides of the rubber hoses in the intake and exhaust end are closed well or not.
3.2 Usage and Maintenance in Running
1. Put the hand shank in the idle position, and start the prime motor. When it runs normally, close the clutch and start the machine, meanwhile, supply water into the cooling water pipe to cool the piston, thus the mix can be conveyed to the working place, and the machine can enter working state.

2. When the pump works, if speed is needed to change, it must be operated in the condition that the clutch is pulled away, in case its spare parts are damaged when
operating in running.
3. When the pump works, lubrication for each spare part should be checked regularly, the temperature of the lubrication oil in each tank should be within 30—50℃, and the highest temperature should be less than 60℃ (in a short period)
4. Please notice whether there is the abnormal sound for each working spare part. Once there is, it should be checked immediately to debug the fault.

5. Pay attention to the quality of the liquid mix. The maximum diameter of sand grains that the pump can absorb and drain is 3mm. When there are too many large-size sand grains, the pipe will be easily blocked at the joint, which will influence the construction progress, so the screen mesh must be equipped to solve this problem. The medium ratio can be adjusted according to the proportion of large sand grains and diameter of sand grains.

6. The purity of the liquid mix should be paid more attention to, the filter screen whose mesh number is over 20 should be set specially in the outlet of the stirrer, in case that the group valve is blocked due to that impurities of big diameter (whose diameter is ≥1mm) enter into the pump.

7. There shouldn’t be oil in the brake belt of the belt brake, in case that the friction tape and brake ring slide when they meet, and that they rub when they separate.

8. The low-speed small-displacement grouting is appreciate for pressure grouting, and the high-speed grouting is better for remote grouting.

9. When backfilling and grouting the mortar, interval grouting can be adopted. For example, 1-2m3 cement paste (the grouting ratio can be adjusted freely) can follow after grouting 10m3 mortar, to reduce sand setting in the pipe.

10.In the process of grouting cement paste or mortar, if the liquid mix cannot be supplied constantly due to shortage of the liquid mix, when waiting for the liquid mix,the liquid mix in pump chamber and pipe should be circulated, and grouting can be continued after the liquid mix reaches.

11.Freeze-proofing measures can be taken for the pump in freeze-up construction.
3.3 The Do’s and Don’ts in Stopping
1、After finishing grouting, mortar in pump chamber and pipe should be washed firstly with cement paste, and then with clean water for 30 minutes. Otherwise, the residual sands in the pump chamber and pipe will affect the second usage for the pump.
2、If the absorption pipe and discharge pipe are too long, mortar in pipe should be extruded by the air hose if time permits.
3、If construction will be stopped and the pump won’t be used for a long time, spare parts at end should be taken down, and the liquid mix in each chamber should be cleaned up.
4、If the pump is stopped using for a long time, overall cleaning for the pump is necessary to eliminate the mud and dirt in each spare part. The oil in the tank should be let out, and the engine oil should be wiped in each working spare part to avoid corrosion.

InquiryPlease feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. We will contact with you as soon as possible.

InquiryPlease feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. We will contact with you as soon as possible.