Self-feeding Concrete Shotcrete Machine GLZ-21

Working ability:3*7m3/h



Range of use: Railway highway tunnel, water conservancy and hydropower, subway, mine workings, military facilities, underground building construction etc.

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Performance Features

1、High work efficiency, the output per hour can reach 21m3

2、The feeding hopper works with the lifting hopper coordinately and synchronously, realizing continuous feeding

3、The dry-mix shotcrete machine can slide easily in the track, and the feeding hopper is lifted by hydraulic control, more convenient for maintenance.

4、 Four hydraulic legs are more suitable for the construction site, making working steady and safe.

5、The oil pump will stop working automatically when the lifting hopper is lifted to the specified height, which can not only prolong the service life of the oil pump, but also can reduce the energy consumption and workers’ difficulty in operation.

6、The discharging outlet of the feeding hopper can be open and closed easily, the discharging amount can be adjusted according to the guniting amount coming from the dry-mix shotcrete machine, saving the hand regulation.

7、The accelerating agent self-feeding device can be used for feeding accelerating agent continuously and homogeneously, with stepless speed regulation, reducing the labor, saving the cost.

8、The air-cut brake makes parking brake safer.

9、The accelerating-agent feeding station is set additionally, which makes feeding more relaxed and safer.

The working switches are set on each side of the machine, more convenient for operation.

Main Technical Parameters:

Parameters of the Whole Machine
Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 6750*3000*3100mm
Total Weight 8400kg
Engine Power 58.8kw
Power of Main Motor in Oil Pump 15kw
Driving Mode Rear Wheel Drive
Travel Speed 0~20km/h
Gradeability 30%
Wheel Base 3585mm
Front Wheel Track 1770mm
Rear Wheel Track 1840mm
Hopper Lifting Height 5640mm
Rated Capacity of Feeding Hopper 3m3
Rated Capacity of Lifting Hopper 3m3
Rated Capacity of Accelerating Agent 1100kg

Technical Parameters of Hydraulic System
System Working Pressure 13Mpa
System Flow 46.7L/min
Capacity of Hydraulic Fuel Tank 100L

Guniting Unit Parameters
Conveying Capacity of Concrete 3*7=21m³/h
Maximum Conveying Distance (Horizontal) 200m
Maximum Conveying Distance (Vertical) 20m
Maximum Aggregate Diameter 20mm
Working Air Pressure 0.4~0.6 Mpa
Maximum Air Consumption 3*12=36 m³/min
Total Power of Motor 3*7.5=22.5kw

InquiryPlease feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. We will contact with you as soon as possible.

InquiryPlease feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. We will contact with you as soon as possible.