Enterprise Vision
Trying to be a top enterprise, contributing to a 100-year Gengli Trying to be a top enterprise, to be the industry benchmark and bellwether. Making a 100-year Gengli shows Gengli's ambition and determination in being built to last, embodies Gengli's long-term commitment for the society, customers , staff and shareholders
Enterprise Spirit
United, Innovative, Pragmatic, Efficient Being united is necessary for a efficient team, and we get the connotation "2-1=0" and "1+1>2"; Being innovative is our eternal goal for sustainable development, no innovation, no development; Being pragmatic is the criterion for all work, and we never get the superficial honor in return with fake; Being efficient requires us to make work well in the shortest time with the high responsibility. The spirit "United, Innovative, Pragmatic, Efficient" is shown in Gengli people by the outstanding performance that Gengli gets bigger and stronger. To realize Gengli's development goal in future, Gengli People still need to spare no effort to insist on and carry forward this spirit
Enterprise Values
Responsible, industrious, straight-out, mutually beneficial "Be responsible" is the base that Gengli creates the business. Sticking to the post, improving the product quality and service constantly; Expanding the pattern, bearing the responsibility for the society, creating the benefit for the company, seeking happiness for the staff, realizing the scientific development of the enterprise. "Be industrious" is the soul for enterprise development. Being industrious, dedicated, hardworking and untiring, improving the enterprise value constantly, making every effort to advance, self-improving. "Being straight-out" is the foundation that Gengli is set up. Insisting on to be straight-out for people and working, advocating to be loyal for the company, to be kind for customers, to be sincere for workmates, enforcing the agreement seriously, being honest and trustworthy, with real words and deeds, establishing a good enterprise image. "Being mutually beneficial" is the way of enterprise management. Protecting the interests of the relevant parties (e.g. the country, customers, staff) consciously, paying attention to cooperation, developing mutually, realizing a win-win result.
Gengli Mission
Making construction easier Serving the construction enterprises and the society with "Making construction easier" as our principal direction for product R & D and production
Enterprise Objective
Acting on international convention, contributing to the future Researching and developing products looking to the international market, manufacturing the world-class products, building the world-leading enterprise.
Enterprise Slogan
Gengli Machinery, creating Excellence Producing excellent products, cultivating outstanding team, showing brilliant culture
Enterprise Philosophy
(1)Management concept: Managing the right, business and people with the rule (2)Operation principle: Quality oriented, honest to people. (3)Quality concept: Dignity derives from quality. (4)Learning concept: Learning makes the dream come true. (5)Service concept: Service first, customers first. (6)Financial concept: Prior budget is more important than ex post analysis, process control is better than result processing. (7)Employment ideality: Everyone gives full scope to the talents, survival of the fittest.