• 1994
    Gengli Spare Parts Co.,Ltd. was established in Gengcunkuang, Mianchi county with only 2 houses, 3 shareholders and 4 workers
  • 1996
    Gengli was developed with 600m2 workshop, 4 shareholders and more than RMB 1,000,000 output

  • 1999
    Gengli's 1st concrete shotcrete machine was put into the market
  • 2001
    The trademark Gengli was registered in the State Administration of Industry and Commerce

  • 2002
    Gengli took the lead in passing ISO9001 International Quality System Certification
  • 2003
    Gengli was moved to Mianchi county town, and entered high-speed development period. In the same year, the sand blasting hose was developed successfully, and the rubber company was established

  • 2004
    The products in Yiwan Expressway Project obtained unanimous praise, Gengli's position in the industry was confirmed
  • 2009
    The trademark Gengli was named as Henan famous trademark, and Luoyang Gengli Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd. was set up

  • 2011
    The construction for the new Gengli factory was started in Luoyang Airport Industrial Park
  • 2013
    The trademark Gengli was named as China Well-known trademark, and Gengli cultural organization was set up for cracking down fake products and safeguarding the rights

  • 2014
    The new Gengli factory in Luoyang was completed, and Henan Gengli Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd. was established. Innovation Base for Central South University Graduate Students was set up in Gengli
  • 2015
    The design for Gengli Impeller Wet-mix Shotcrete Machine was finalized, and the batch production was realized; so was the Truck-mounted Wet-mix Shotcrete Machine; the Crawler Wet-mix Shotcrete Machine was developed successfully; the production transformation was completed basically

  • 2016
    Gengli Engineering Truck with Wet-mix Shotcrete Machine was developed successfully; so were the Truck-mounted Impeller Concrete Wet Spraying Machine and the Hydraulic Truck-mounted Concrete Wet Spraying Machine; The serialization and the batch production for Gengli Truck-mounted Wet-mix Shotcrete Machine was realized