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How to Survey the Construction Site? Park the Pumping Equipment Reasonably?


To start a project, the details for this project should be known firstly, even if the parking place of the concrete construction pumper. Therefore, it’s necessary to make a careful reconnaissance before the construction starts. The parking place for the pumping equipment should consider not only construction safety, but also the overall construction sequence of the whole construction. Generally, we follow the concept “from far to near”, for it is more convenient for the end work of the whole construction。


However, to be specific, how should we make a reasonable reconnaissance for the construction site?

On-site survey
First, it’s very necessary to make an on-site survey for the construction project. The place of the pumper should be chosen on the basis of the specific conditions of engineering project and site, for normally“from far to near” is convenient for concrete pump to end , and the surrounding site of the pumper should be wide, so that the cement mixer truck can move easily, there should be no obstacle around and above the operation, especially the alive circuit。

Safety of Pumper
For the foundation construction especially the deep foundation construction, the operating instruction of a holding pump for the pumper or outrigger pumper that are used should be executed strictly, as different weights for different pumper kinds, and the requirements for geological condition, foundation depth and holding pump’s safety distance are strict. Spring and summer should be paid attention to specially, for there is tundra in the early spring, which will give people an illusion; there is too much rain in summer, which will cause collapse; they all pose a threat to the pumper. The head-protecting roof should be set up above the machine when high-rise pumping, to avoid the affection of falling objects, rain, snow etc。