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The Main Reasons Causing Poor Lubrication for Rock Drill and Treatment Methods

The main reasons causing poor lubrication for Rock Drill and treatment methods are as followings:

The viscosity of the lubrication oil is too high or too low。

The appropriate lubrication oil should be chosen according to the environment temperature at site: YT28 Rock Drill can use L—AN22#~46#machine oil when the environment temperature is 10°~30°.  According to the environment temperature at construction site, when high temperature, customers can use higher No. machine oil, when low temperature, lower No. machine oil is feasible. However, if possible, please don’t use grease, which can help avoid blocking the machine, impeding air to flow, causing the poor lubrication for the machine head and leg, so that the machine efficiency is lowered, and the wearing for spare parts can be speeded up。

There is garbage in lubrication oil or the water content of the lubrication oil is too high。

① The cover can be put onto the container full of the lubrication oil in case the garbage falls into it. Garbage and water should be filtered firstly before using。

The air holes in lubricator and machine are blocked。

 Each hole in lubricator and machine should be cleaned to ensure smooth oil circuit。

The oil injection amount isn’t adjusted properly。

The switch for the lubricator should be adjusted properly according to the oil content discharged from the exhaust port (observing that there is less oil spot in the gas sprayed in the hand or the hand touches smooth after the hand is put in the exhaust port for 1~2 seconds)