Management objectives for after-sales service:

After-sales service is to guarantee the enterprise reputation and brand identity, and we will make every effort to make our service timely rate higher than 95%, customers' satisfaction rate higher than 95%, complaint rate lower than 5%, customers' satisfaction rate for on-site service higher than 98%, customers' complaint rate for after-sales on-site service lower than 2%

After-sales service pattern:

On-site service, on-line service, phone guidance service

Responsibility scope for after-sales service:

1 、The guarantee period of our products is six month. Within the guarantee period, please refer to the product manual for maintenance. If sales-receipt is available, please refer to the sales date there; if unavailable, the factory setting No. will be used to calculate the guarantee period.
2 、If it is 6 months beyond the guarantee period, the spare parts and travelling expense will be charged. And the price of the spare parts shall be calculated by the financial department
3 、If it is more than one year beyond the guarantee period, spare parts, travelling expense and working expense will be charged.(Temporary)
4 、For on-site service, if the customer is found to use the spare parts that are not matched our product, please remind the customer, and end his right to enjoy the after-sales service if he doesn't accept.
5 、 After the new product is debugged successfully, the customer should admit by signature. The travelling expense as well as working expense shall be charged by the salesman if another on-site service is required by the customer due to the customer's personal reason. And the after-sales service department will provide the proof to the financial department.
The after-sales service department makes all the product specifications and models by coordinating with the technology department, and sends to the salesman. The after-sales service department will no longer provide the spare parts tabulation service to site.

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