GHP3015G-IIModel configuration

The trouble of buying wet spray trolley?

The pipe is always blocked,Affect the construction progress of the project?

Low gradeability,Can not be safely constructed on high slope sites?

Two-wheel drive four-wheel steering, Can't drive construction on complex road conditions?

After-sales service is not timely, There is no suitable solution to the problem?

Geng Li Dry concrete shotcrete machine solves all problems!

Strong anti-clogging ability

The pumping system with high outlet pressure and the large-caliber jet hose have stronger anti-clogging ability

High gradeability

Four-wheel drive drive has strong grip and high frictional force, up to 36%

Adapt to complex road conditions

The four-wheel drive power is strong and can adapt to a variety of complex road conditions, and the control is more stable

Professional after-sales serviceV

158 service outlets across the country, provide solutions for problems within 24 hours

Wet Concrete Shotcrete Machine

Big advantage

  • Lightweight robotic arm
  • Wireless remote control is safe and reliable
  • Four-wheel drive and four-wheel rotation
  • Low engineering chassis failure rate
  • Pumping system