Tips on drilling grouting

During the drilling and grouting process, it is prone to difficulties in drilling, deformation or displacement of the track line, running slurry and etc. Different strategies should be taken for different problems.


First, when adopting grouting technology , the grouting material should be strictly selected, and the characteristics of the product should be clearly understood ,then it could be used in the grouting process.


Secondly, when there is no slurry or intermittent slurry, if the soil is soft, it is regarded as a normal phenomenon, and it can be re-injected properly; if there are holes or passages nearby, the grouting pipe should not be lifted until the slurry is poured or pulling out the grouting pipe until the slurry solidifies and re-grout.


Third, the grouting pressure should be strictly controlled during grouting to avoid deformation or displacement of the track.


Fourth, since most of the soil in the station yard is backfilled, the packing may be filled with large stones or concrete blocks. During the drilling process, stuck drilling may occur, cement slurry, casing wall could be used. After the slurry is grouted, the solidification of the slurry has a certain compressive strength, and then the deep drilling continues to grout.


Fifth, when the flow rate is constant and the grouting pressure suddenly drops, it is necessary to immediately check whether the side channel drain hole, roadbed masonry, road shoulder, ballast and other parts have leaks such as running pulp or slurry.At this time,At this time, the grout should be stopped or changed, and if necessary, the grouting pipe should be pulled out to check the sealing performance.


Sixth,when the amount of suction is large and the pressure of grouting is small,then change to slurry for grouting,cement mortar is used if necessary; otherwise, it is changed to slurry for grouting.


In addition, environmental protection and personal safety protection must be taken into account during the grouting process to strengthen fire safety management. When selecting grouting equipment and fittings with certain pressure resistance, it should avoid property damage and personal injury caused by squib.