GW32 Steel bar stirrup bending machine

  • Bending diameter:25-32mm
  • Arc bending radius:&≥15cm
  • Power:4KW
  • Machine weight:380kg
Applied range: Suitable for large-scale construction projects, such as bridges, tunnels, culverts, hydropower stations, and subway projects.


Convenient operation

It has the advantages of easy operation ,convenient maintenance ,accurate radian and high efficiency ,machine is easily lubricated by calcium-base grease.

Wide processing diversity

Arc processing for angle steel ,flat steel and round steel is allowed when the working wheels are ch

Stable and durable

Its working drum adopts high-rigid material , stable and durable ;Transmission gears adopt high-rigi

One-time forming

Adopting dual driving gears as its transmission mechanism ,one-time forming.

Machined Shape


Model GW32
Bending range
Round steel φ4-28
Grade 2 Rebar φ4-28
Bending speed 28times/min
Motor power 3KW
Voltage &Frequency 380V/50HZ
Ration speed 1400r/min
Dimension 700×700×760mm
Net weight 240kg