SWG12 CNC Stirrup bending machine

  • Single line processing capacity:φ4-12mm

  • Two-line processing capacity:φ5-10mm

  • Bending angle:<±180°

  • Length accuracy:±1mm

Applied range:

It is suitable for straightening, bending and shearing HRB335 hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, HRB400 hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, smooth round steel bars and cold-rolled ribbed steel bars with a diameter of φ4-φ12mm.


New intelligent control system for straightening ,bending and shearing of steel bars

Advanced CNC control technology to realize automation of straightening ,bending and shearing .

Centralized control of console ,making operation more convenient

Centralized control of each operation button console, convenient and easy to operate ,processing speed is adjustable.

Heat treatment process to improve product life and precision

The stressed parts are heat-treated according to operation conditions so as to improve service life

Straightening system with perfect structure and high precision processing

Horizontal straightening structure and vertical straightening are perfect ,so as to further improve

Machined Shape

SWG12 CNC Stirrup bending machine


Model SWG12
Single line processing capacity φ4-12mm wo-line processing capacity φ5-10mm
Bending angle <±180° Central pin diameter 20-32mm
Maximum traction speed 110m/min Maximum bending speed 1200°/sec
Length accuracy ±1mm Angle accuracy ±1°
Ration angle of working surface 45°(90°~135°) Processing shape of steel bar Modular maps+personalized editing
Processing numbers ≤2 Pneumatic pressure ≥0.6Mpa
Working temperature 5°~40° Length fixed way Driven wheel counting
Average electricity consumption 6kw/h Total power 28kw
Machine weight 3300kg Dimension 3950×1300×2100mm