GL4-16A CNC Hydraulic Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine

  • Straightening diameter range:Ф4-16mm

  • Traction speed:45m/min,48m/min

  • Fixed length:300-9000mm(can be lengthened)

  • Cutting length tolerance :±10mm

Applied range:

Mainly used for straightening and cutting to length, suitable for cold-rolled grade III steel bars, cold-rolled round steel bars for construction, and adjustable straight hot-rolled round steel bars.


High automation and good safety

It has the advantages of high automation and fast traction speed ,and also equipped with auto counter stop device for safety concerns.

To different staff members applicable

The error is small, minimum material loss. To different staff members applicable.

Suitable for processing different types of steel bars

Suitable for straightening and cutting the round bar or cold drawn steel bar .

Simple operation and high production efficiency

Straightened bars almost have no surface scratch and have good straightness and less strength loss;At the same time, it has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient adjustment, simple blanking and high production efficiency.

Machined Shape


Model GL4-16A
Straightening diameter range φ4-φ16mm
Traction speed 45m/min
Fixed length 300-9000mm
Cutting length tolerance ±10mm
Straightening degree ±2mm/m
Rated power 27.5KW
Machine weight 1300kg
Dimension L2900×W1150×H750mm