GL-120KN CNC Steel bar shear line

  • Maximum cutting force:600KN

  • Shear frequency :20times/min

  • Steel bar length:500-12000mm

  • Rail delivery speed:1.5m/s

Applied range:

The equipment is used in steel bar processing and distribution, large-scale bridge engineering and other fields.


Intelligent processing with high precision

Adopting newly imported PLC and CNC to control shearing precision with high intelligent automation and high processing precision.

High security anti-bouncer

Multilevel finished products storage mechanism ensures long service life . machine tool is equipped with anti-bouncer and auto-pressing device ,which greatly improves the security.

Modular combination to choose configuration as needed

With a modular combination to choose different configuration modes as needed.

Scientific design to reduce labour intensity

Two-way discharge design doubles stacking capacity of finished products .Removable material platform design reduces labour intensity.

Machined Shape


Model GL-120KN
Maximum cutting force 600KN Cutter width 450mm
Shear frequency 20times/min Shear accuracy ±1mm
Delivery speed of roller way 1.5m/s Steel bar length 500-12000mm
Working pressure 25Mpa Power 20kw
Dimension 27500×3300×1500mm Total weight 7000kg
Steel bar diameter φ12 φ16 φ20 φ25 φ28 φ32 φ40
Shearing numbers 15 12 10 8 6 4 1