GL-L32T5 CNC Steel bar bending center

  • Steel bar diameter:10-32mm rebar

  • bending direction :Five-way

  • bending speed:70°/s

  • Angle accuracy :±1°

Applied range:

Special equipment for steel bending. It is suitable for various projects, steel bar processing plants and other occasions where steel bars are batch processed.


Automatically shifting steel bars to ensure continuous production

Equipped with high-strength automatic storage rack ,it can shift steel bars automatically and has strong bearing capacity and low labor cost to achieve continuous production.

Five-way simultaneous bending, high work efficiency

Equipped with five independent bending centers ,which can bend various shapes of stirrups simultaneously or independently ,multiple steel bars are formed at one time ,and production efficiency is greatly improved .

Host machine with reasonable structure ,strong bending force ,and precise bending angle

Host machine with reasonable structure and precise bending angle , bending range from 0 to 180°.

High-strength bending platform guide rails with high quality and durable operation

Bending platform is equipped with high-strength moving guide rail ,durable and not easily deformed

Machined Shape


Model GL-L32T5
Steel bar diameter φ10mm-φ32mm rebar Bending direction Five-way
Bending length 300-11700mm Bending angle ±160°
Bending speed 70/s Bending space≥700mm
Moving speed 0.5-0.9m/s Length accuracy ±1mm
Angle accuracy ±1° Total power 30kW