WG16 CNC Stirrup bending machine

  • Maximum Bending angle:180°

  • Central pin diameter:φ20/φ32mm

  • Maximum traction speed:2000mm/s

  • aximum bending speed:1000°/s

Applied range:


CNC servo control system

Using CNC servo control system to realize fully automatic and uninterrupted bending forming process.

One machine with multiple functions

The perfect combination of steel bar sizing, bending, cutting and other functions, while meeting the precision requirements of steel bar processing, truly realizing one machine with multiple functions.

Set the required processing size arbitrarily

Set the required processing size arbitrarily, and a variety of graphics are available for you to choose at will.

Centralized oil supply system

The lubricating oil adopts a centralized oil supply system to avoid the drawbacks of separate oil injection for key parts.

Machined Shape


Model SWG8-16
Single line processing capacity φ6-14
Maximum Bending angle 180°
Central pin diameter φ20/φ32mm
Maximum traction speed 2000mm/s
aximum bending speed 1000°/s
Length accuracy(mm) ±0.5
Angle accuracy ±1°
Total power  25KW
Average electricity consumption 6KW/h
Pneumatic pressure ≤8Mpa
Dimension  3360*1600*2250mm
Machine weight 3500kg