GLSCX-108 small catheter production line

  • Motor:11kw*1 (plunger pump)
  • Max-processing thickness:0.7-5.0mm
  • Product volume:22m
  • product weight:6T
Applied range: This equipment is widely used in the processing and forming of pipe fittings. It is an indispensable automatic equipment for the forming and punching of small pipe tips in construction sites such as highways and railways, as well as for steel bar processing plants.


Full automation saves manpower

Realizable continuous automatic feeding, automatic turnover, automatic cutting operations, etc., to realize the whole process of automation in processing and production to achieve de-manualization.

Use programming tools

Gengli control system is used as the main programming tool.

Automatic feeding

After being transported to the designated area, the electric chuck is held tightly, plasma cutting is automatic, and the turning angle can be adjusted during the cutting process.

Automatic blanking

After Gengli system plasma equipment completes the cutting process, it can realize automatic blanking.


Model Parameter
Thickness of fuselage countertop board Countertop 6mm
Hoarding 1.0mm
Main steel plate thickness 40mm
Fuselage frame tube 80*80*3.75
Motor 11kw*1 (plunger pump)
Main cylinder φ125*1
Electric control accessories Skoda
Maximum shrinkage capacity Outer diameter Ф42-114
Maximum processing thickness 0.7-5.0mm
Spindle motor power 15kw
Spindle speed 248rpm (single speed)
Voltage 380 50HZ
Molding time 7-30 seconds
Feeding accuracy Plus or minus 0.1mm
High frequency heating model HD-85KW
Input voltage 380V
Output Power 85KW
Oscillation frequency 30-100KHZ
Cooling water pressure 0.3MPa
Water temperature requirement 〈40°
Main &auxiliary machine weight 40KG/30KG
Tubing HM592-08-13 27.5MPa
Input power 380V (three-phase five-wire)
transfer method Precision rack drive
Oil pump 25
Main material of mould DC53
Output power 24V
way to control PLC control touch screen
Equipment fuel tank capacity 80L
Mold processing method Customized
transfer method 2 mold rack
φ30 round guide rail(double guide rail)
Length 6000mm
server system Delta 1500w
Material&pipe type, length Seamless steel pipe
Thickness range 3-6mm
Machining accuracy requirements 42-108mm
Feeding method requirements automatic
Product volume 22m
product weight 6T