GL-450L CNC steel bar sawing, upsetting, threading and polishing production line

  • Maximum machining diameter (round steel): ≤ 50 mm
  • Rebar conveyor speed: 58-62m/min
  • Thread length: ≤90 mm
  • Total power/total power consumption: 40 Kw
  • Single-end threading time: 25S~40S
Applied range: The GL-450L CNC steel bar sawing, upsetting, threading and grinding production line is a highly automated steel bar processing equipment that integrates automatic storage, feeding, sizing, sawing, piercing, threading, grinding, locating, and grading storage. The maximum diameter of sawn steel bars is 50mm.


The process is closely connected from top to bottom, timely error correction, quality assurance

The upper and lower processes are closely connected, and abnormalities are found and corrected in time to ensure quality.

Using gantry type sawing knife, sawing speed is fast, high precision

The structure of the steel bar is cut by the gantry saw blade, the sawing speed is fast, and the sawing gap is narrow.

Large sawing width, high-quality sawing

Large sawing width, high sawing output, large sawing force, and more steel bars processed at the same time.

Upsetting and threading can be used separately

The equipment has two key parts combination of upsetting and threading, and these two parts can be separated and used as independent equipment.

Machined Shape


Serial number project name Technical Parameters
1 Maximum machining diameter (round steel) ≤ 50 mm
2 Rebar conveying line speed 58~62 m/min
3 Maximum length of feeding line 12000 mm
4 Maximum length of rewinding line 12000 mm
5 Effective width of saw blade 450 mm
6 Rebar conveying speed 58-62m/min
7 Thread length ≤90 mm
8 Single head wire time 25s~40s
9 Thread diameter range φ16~φ40mm
10 Single head polishing time 3s~5s
11 Silo level 3*2
12 Operating Voltage 380V
13 Total power / total power consumption 40 Kw
14 Operating temperature -10º~50º
15 working pressure ≥0.4MPa
16 Equipment weight (complete set of machine) 18T
17 Machine size 26000×6500×1700 mm
Rebar diameter (HRB400MPa) φ16 φ20 φ25 φ28 φ32 φ35 φ40 φ45 φ50
Number of steel bars 28 22 18 16 15 12 11 10 9