GLWY-2500 Automatic welding &circle bending machine

  • Bending diameter:Ф16mm—Ф32mm
  • Bending speed:80cm/min
  • Bending motor power:4.5KW
  • Cutting motor power:1.5KW
Applied range: Mainly aimed at fully automatic integrated processing equipment for bending steel bars into circles. It can automatically bend the steel bar into a circle as required, weld the overlapping part, and automatically cut the remaining material.


Adjust bar diameter easily and fastly without replacing a large disc

Adjust bar diameter conveniently and fastly to save mold replacement time.

3 times higher in precision, 2 times faster in ration

Servo motor +high precision planetary gear reducer, high energy utilization ,energy saving and environmental protection.

High automation,full-automatic welding

ull-automatic welding,servo motor control welding ,more precise movement.

Effectively control the lap joint of reinforcing ring ,and the welding seam is full

Quality and quantity assured,high safety coefficient,satisfying your quality requirements for finished products

Machined Shape


Model GLWY-2500
Bending range φ16-φ32mm
Bending speed 80cm/min
Bending motor power 4KW
Cutting motor power 380kg
Engine power 380V/50HZ
Dimension L2500×W2650×H2300mm
Machine weight 1700kg