GLJQR-30 Welding robot

  • Structure:series connection
  • Axis:6 axis
  • Repetitive accuracy(mm):<±0.06
  • Working radius(mm):1925
Applied range:


Perfectly substitute manual operation ,beneficial to continuous production

Introducing six-axis industrial robot into automatic welding as a sustainable manufacturing solution.

Automated welding robot of high flexibility

High flexible robot with automatic welding system to increase and decrease the production according

Reduce manufacturing cost effectively ,and greatly improve production efficiency

Robot is a good assistant to increase income and reduce expenditure,effectively reduce unit manufacturing cost and improve production efficiency greatly.

Compact production facilities ,no need to extend the plant

Robot automatic system covers a small area and production facilities are compact ,and no need to extend the plant to enlarge production capacity.


Model GLJQR-30
Rated load 10kg
Structure type Series connection
Axis numbers 6
Working radius 1925mm
Repetitive accuracy <±0.06mm
Maximum working range(First axis) ±180°
Second axis ﹢115°/-105°
Third axis ﹢150°/-163°
Fourth axis ±270°
Fifth axis ±145°
Sixth axis ±360°
Maximum speed (First axis) 190°/S
Second axis 205°/S
Third axis 210°/S
Fourth axis 400°/S
Fifth axis 360°/S
Sixth axis 610°/S
Machine weight 230kg
Installation way Floor /Ceiling
Control system E01