GW25 Steel bar stirrup bending machine

  • Bending speed:28times/min

  • Voltage &Frequency:380V/50HZ

  • Ration speed:1400r/min

  • Dimension:1000×550×860mm

Applied range:

Suitable for all kinds of reinforced concrete carbon steel, hot-rolled round steel and rebar in bending construction projects.


Easy and reliable operation

Light and flexible ,easy to operate and perform stably

Full automatic bending,high production efficiency

Adopting self-defined stroke and returns automatically , 4~5 times than traditional bending machine.

Machined Shape


Model GW25
Bending range
Round steel φ4-25
Grade 2 Rebar φ4-22
Bending speed 28times/min
Motor power 3KW
Voltage &Frequency 380V/50HZ
Ration speed 1400r/min
Dimension 1000×550×860mm
Net weight 150kg