GQ50 Steel bar cutting machine

  • Carbon stee:φ6-50

  • Grade II threaded steel:φ6-32/φ6-36

  • Flat stee:<70*15

  • Square steel:<32*32

Applied range:

It is suitable for cutting carbon steel, hot-rolled round steel and rebar in various reinforced concrete in construction projects. It can also cut flat iron, square steel and angle steel.


Easy operation ,stable performance

It has advantages of small size ,light weight ,simple operation,stable performance and strong practicality ,and equipped with pure copper motor of stable performance ,strong power and long service life.

High quantity &Reasonable price

High cost performance ,high wear resistance ,long service life and smooth cutting surface.

Exquisite movable casters,start easily

Exquisite movable casters,start easily,Lighter structure ,convenient for moving.

Reasonable design

Pulley wheel design,chrome-plated surface is wearable and has no rust.Bolts,blades and side covers all use high-grade accessories and make it more wearable.

Machined Shape


Carbon steelφ6-40φ6-40
Grade 2 Rebarφ6-32φ6-36
Flat steel<70×15<×15
Square steel<32×32<32×32
Angle steel<50×50<50×50
Control wayClutch controlClutch control
Cutting frequency3232
Motor power3KW-23KW-2