GW40 steel bar bending machine

  • Carbon steel:φ6-φ40mm
  • Grade 2 Threaded steel:φ6-φ32mm
  • Bending speed:5-10times/min
  • Voltage:380V
Applied range: Suitable for all kinds of reinforced concrete carbon steel, hot-rolled round steel and rebar in bending construction projects.


Pure copper motor with strong power

Pure copper motor with strong power to ensure working efficiency and easy operation.

Reasonable design ,stable and safe

Compact turbine vortex structure,stable operation and low noise .

Full enclosed gearbox,support automatic and manual switching ,durable pale

Using a closed gear box and working stably and safely ;With digital control , the switch could be switched between automatic and manual.

Accurately calculate any machining angle

Accurately calculate disc squares,machining any angles you want

Machined Shape


Model GW40
Carbon steel φ6-φ40mm
Grade 2 Threaded steel φ6-φ32mm
Disc diameter 350mm
Bending speed 5-10times/min
Motor power 3KW-4
Voltage 380V