YT-29 Air-leg rock drill

  • Cylinder bore:80mm

  • Piston stoke:60mm

  • Impact energy:≥70(0.63Mpa)J

  • Impact frequency of drilling:≥37(0.63Mpa)Hz

Applied range:

It is suitable for rock drilling operations in large mines, medium mines and tunnels.


Accessories of strong universality

Accessories of strong universality,when replace the product,users will not lose profit.

Energy-saving,high efficient ,reliable and durable

Drill of energy-saving,high efficient ,sturdy and durable,easy maintenance,high reliability.

Forging technology makes drill more durable

With forging technology,lower rotational speed at the same drilling depth,making drill more durable.

Small air consumption

Smaller air consumption when compared with other pneumatic rock drills on the market , same air compressor can connect more rock drills and greatly improve working efficiency.


model YT29A
Weight 26.5kg
Cylinder dia φ82
Piston stroke 60mm
Working pressure 0.4~0.63 (Mpa)
Impact energy 70 J
Impact frequency ≥37 Hz
Air consumption 65L/s
Working water pressure 0.3 Mpa
Air pipe inner dia φ25 mm
Rock drill hole depth 5m
Shank size H22×108±1mm
Water pipe inner dia φ13 mm
Rock drill hole dia φ34~φ45mm