Pneumatic crushing pick TPB-40

  • Piston diameter:44mm

  • Piston stroke:146mm

  • Air consumption:1.6m³/min

  • Air Trachea size:19mm

Applied range:

Pneumatic crushing pick is a tool powered by compressed air.The compressed air is distributed to both ends of the cylinder block in turn to make the hammer body reciprocate impact the end of the drill, chisel the drill into the concrete layer, make it split into blocks.


Low air consumption

High crushing efficiency and low air consumption.

Flexible operation

Compact structure, light weight, flexible operation.

Low vibration and high safety

It has low vibration, fast crushing speed and safe use.

Accessories of strong universality

Accessories of strong universality,when replace the product,users will not lose profit.


Piston diameter44mm
Piston stroke146mm
Percussive frequency1050B.P.M
Net Weight18Kg
Air consumption1.6m³/min
Air Trachea size19mm
Bit Head sizeR25X108mm
Air Inlet size(P/T)3/4