G3Z Three-Boom Tunneling Drill Rig

  • Drilling diameter:φ38mm-φ102mm

  • Drilling depth:5268mm

  • Telescopic length of working arm:1600mm

  • Total motor power:243.5kW

Applied range:

It is used for drilling and blasting drilling operations or bolt hole operations in large and medium-sized tunnels such as railways, highways, water conservancy, mining and other large and medium-sized tunnels.


Imported drive axle, engineering chassis, strong climbing ability

Dana original imported drive axle, four-wheel drive walking system, heavy-duty engineering chassis, fast transition speed and strong climbing ability.

Strong engine power, it can also cope with severe cold and plateau environment

The high-altitude turbocharged engine has strong power and sufficient power reserve to meet the requirements of severe cold and plateau environments.

Working arm form-double triangle + self-parallel + square arm

The drill arm is directly positioned with triangular support, and has a full-directional self-parallel holding function, which ensures accurate positioning and stable action.

The drilling speed is fast and the drilling tool is very durable

With automatic anti-sticking function and automatic lubrication system, the drilling speed is fast and the consumption of drilling tools is low.


Part Name project name Specification/Model
Whole machine Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 16520mm×2925mm×3400mm
working section(width×height) 15.8m×12.8m
Effective operating section 178㎡
Drilling diameter φ38mm-φ102mm
Drilling depth 5268mm
Drilling speed 1.5-2.2m/min
Total Weight 45000kg
Drill boom Working arm form Double triangle + self-parallel + square arm
Telescopic length of working arm 1600mm
Pitch angle of working arm +70°~-30°
Swing angle of working arm ±45°
Propeller length 7102mm
Propeller flip angle 360°
Propeller compensation 1800mm
Rock drill model GL18T
Work service platform Working platform range(width×height) 16m×14m
Rated load of working platform 400kg
Chassis Diesel engine model QSB6.7-C260-30(High altitude 4500m)
Rated power/speed 194/2200 kW/rpm
Maximum walking speed 15 km/h
Maximum climbing ability 14°
Turning radius(inside/outside) 6.7m/12.1m
Steering mode + drive mode Rear wheel steering + four-wheel drive
Wheelbase 4200mm
Rear axle swing angle ±8°
Approach / departure angle 19/14
Minimum ground clearance 440mm
Service brake Multi-disc wet brake
Electrical System Total motor power 243.5kW(3×75kW+7.5kW+11kW)
Supply voltage 380V
Accumulator 2×12V/160Ah
External cable length 80m
water supply system flow 266L/min
Working water pressure 2bar-12bar
Water pipe reel capacity 70m
Gas supply system Displacement 1000 L/min
working pressure 2bar-8bar