GZ1-Ⅲ single arm Tunneling Drill Rig

  • Drilling diameter: φ45mm-φ102mm
  • Drilling depth: 3405mm
  • Propelling beam: 360 flip
  • Total installed power: 80.2kW
Applied range: The equipment is used in mines, hydropower, railways, highways and other fields, tunnel drilling and blasting construction, tunneling and drilling operations or bolt hole operations.


Wheeled walking system, fast transition speed

Hydrostatic drive, wheel walking system, fast transition speed, strong climbing ability.

The drill arm is positioned accurately and moves smoothly

The drill arm adopts double triangle support for direct positioning, all-round self-parallel holding function, accurate positioning and stable action.

Liftable ceiling design, safer operation

The ceiling can be raised and lowered to meet the FOPS (Falling Object Impact) requirements.

Fast drilling speed, low drilling tool consumption

With automatic anti-sticking function and automatic lubrication system, the drilling speed is fast and the consumption of drilling tools is low.


Part Name project name parameter
Whole machine L×W×H 10450×1825×2240/2940mm
gross weight 12t
tunneling section (W×H) 3m×3m-7.7m×7.26m
Hydraulic rock drill model GL18T
Impact power 18kW
Impact frequency 50Hz
Drilling speed 0.8m-2.2m/min
Drilling diameter φ45mm-φ102mm
Advance beam length 5287mm
Drill rod length 3700mm
Drilling depth 3405mm
Drill boom Advance compensation 1250mm
Boom extension 1600mm
Parallel hole retention All-round
Advance beam 360 flip
Boom lifting angle +65°~-30°
Swing angle of boom ±35°
Chassis Walking,driving mode Wheel type,four-wheel drive
Turn to Articulated steering ±40°
Engine power 60 kW
Wheelbase 1542mm
Wheelbase 2690mm
Maximum travel speed 15km/h
Maximum grade 14°
Turning radius Inside ≥2.8m, outside ≥5.0m
Hydraulic system main motor power 75kw
System pressure 130~230bar
Maximum capacity of hydraulic oil tank 150L
Gas supply system Displacement 0.3m³/min
Working pressure 8 bar
Motor Power 2.2kW
water supply system Maximum flow 67L/min
Working water pressure 6bar-12bar
Electrical System Total installed power 80.2 (75+3+2.2)
Supply voltage 380V
Cable drum capacity 80m