G2Z Fully Hydraulic Two-Boom Tunneling Drill Rig

  • Drilling diameter: φ38mm-φ102mm
  • Drilling depth: 5268mm
  • Telescopic length of working arm: 1600mm
  • Total motor power: 161.5kW
Applied range: It is used for drilling and blasting drilling operations or bolt hole operations in large and medium-sized tunnels such as railways, highways, national defense, water conservancy, mining and other large and medium-sized tunnels.


Imported drive axle, engineering chassis, strong climbing ability

Dana original imported drive axle, four-wheel drive walking system, heavy-duty engineering chassis, fast transition speed and strong climbing ability.

The drilling speed is fast and the drilling tool is very durable

With automatic anti-sticking function and automatic lubrication system, the drilling speed is fast and the consumption of drilling tools is low.

Working arm form-double triangle + self-parallel + square arm

The drill arm is directly positioned with triangular support, and has a full-directional self-parallel holding function, which ensures accurate positioning and stable action.

Stable and reliable hydraulic system

The main components of the hydraulic system adopt German Rexroth, American Parker, etc., hydraulic pilot control, stable and reliable.


Part Name project name Specification/Model
Whole machine Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 15450mm×2500mm×2930mm
Effective working section(W×H) 12.9m×9.4m
Effective operating section 105㎡
Drilling diameter φ38mm-φ102mm
Drilling depth 5268mm
Drilling speed 1.5-2.2m/min
Total Weight 35000kg
Drill boom Working arm form Double triangle + self-parallel + square arm
Telescopic length of working arm 1600mm
Pitch angle of working arm +70°~-30°
Swing angle of working arm ±45°
Propeller length 7102mm
Propeller flip angle 360°
Propeller compensation 1800mm
Rock drill model GL18T
Work service platform Working platform range(W×H) 14m×11.5m
Rated load of working platform 400kg
Chassis Diesel engine model QSB6.7-C170-30(High altitude 4500m)
Rated power/speed 129/2200 kW/rpm
Maximum walking speed 15 km/h
Maximum climbing ability 14°
Turning radius(inside/outside) 5m/10m
Steering mode + drive mode Articulated steering + four-wheel drive
Wheelbase 4000mm
Rear axle swing angle ±8°
Approach / departure angle 16/19
Minimum ground clearance 425mm
Service brake Multi-disc wet brake
Electrical System Total motor power 161.5kW(2×75kW+7.5kW+4kW)
Supply voltage 380V
Accumulator 2×12V/160Ah
External cable length 80m
water supply system flow 133L/min
Working water pressure 2bar-12bar
Gas supply system Displacement 1000 L/min
working pressure 2bar-8bar