P20 Concrete shotcrete and grouting integrated pump

  • Production capacity: 3~22 m³/h

  • System pressure: 22MPa

  • Outlet pressure of concrete: 8MPa

  • Cylinder bore×stroke: 140mm×800mm

Applied range:

P20 is a kind of mechanical equipment that can be used for both shotcreting and grouting.  widely used in houses Construction, highways, railways, tunnels, hydropower stations and other projects are under construction.


Stable performance

few wearing parts, low maintenance and use of finished products.

Adjustable accelerator

The amount of accelerator added is steplessly adjustable

Reliable electrical work

plc centralized control, reliable work, long life, working procedures, simple operation

Adjustable delivery volume

The delivery volume can be adjusted as required


Item Parameters Item Parameters
Production capacity 3~20 m³/h Outlet pressure of concrete 7.5MPa
System pressure 22MPa Main motor power 37kW
Cylinder bore×stroke 140mm×800mm Hopper volume 0.3 m³
Working wind pressure 0.4~0.6MPa Feeding height 1000 mm
Maximum aggregate diameter 15mm( shotcrete)/ 30mm(grouting) Distribution valve of concrete S tube valve
Lubrication system Manual +auto Slump of concrete 120 mm~180 mm
Fuel tank volume 142L Cooling way of hydraulic oil Air cooling
Dust around the machine <6mg/m³ Resilient rate ≤10%
Machine weight 2300 kg Dimension 3250*1550*1600 mm