GHP60G—ⅡTruck-mounted concrete pump

  • Production capacity:60m³/h
  • Engine power:76kw
  • Concrete outlet pressure:8MPa
  • Weight:9300kg
Applied range:


Wheeled chassis

strong maneuverability, fast transition speed

Stable equipment performance

The machine has stable performance, few wearing parts, good continuity, and low maintenance and use

Equipped with high pressure cleaning system

The use of high-pressure cleaning system makes construction easier.

High degree of automation, easy to operate

The electrical appliances adopt PLC centralized control, which is reliable, long-lived, programmable


Machine parameters Size (L * W *H) Weight Production capacity
7300*2160*2570mm 9300kg 60m鲁/h
System parameters Pumping system Walking system Hydraulic system
Pump cylinder bore 230mm Engine power 76kw Motor Power 55Kw
Conveying pipe diameter 180-125mm Wheelbase 4000mm Fuel tank capacity 400L
Concrete outlet pressure 8MPa Walking speed 0-25Km/h Hydraulic oil pollution degree 43686NAS1638
Hopper capacity 0.6m鲁 Maximum climbing ability 0.3 Main pump displacement 190ml/r
Loading height 1600mm Braking method Air brake Pumping stroke 1400mm