GJT1500 vehicle-mounted vertical arch trolley

Applied range: The GJT1500 vehicle-mounted vertical arch frame trolley can meet the vertical arch frame construction of high-speed rail double-track tunnels and single-track tunnels with full-section and step excavation methods, as well as the vertical arch frame construction of some expressway tunnels.


Support remote operation, easier operation

The operation mode adopts remote control operation, and three operations such as the operation of the hanging basket operation platform and the operation of the electric control box can be selected, which is convenient for operation by people in mult

2 boom + 2 hanging basket + 2 mechanical gripper structure

Each arm can realize the automatic grabbing of the arch frame, the manipulator end can be fine-tuned, and the operating device can slide as a whole.

No need to connect to the power supply, the equipment is fast in place

One device can take care of multiple aspects, reducing equipment investment, vehicle chassis power, no need to connect to an external power source, and the equipment can be installed quickly.

The whole machine adopts automobile chassis

The driving speed can reach 80km/h, which is flexible and convenient for transition.


project Parameter
Transport size (length×width×height) 9600×2520×3250mm
Shipping weight 18t
Engine power 132kw
Maximum travel speed 80km/h
Maximum climbing ability 27%
Minimum ground clearance 310mm
Approach / departure angle 20°、15º
Pitch angle of working arm -20°~60°
Horizontal swing angle of working arm ±40°
Telescopic stroke of working arm 5470mm
Maximum lifting height 12400mm
Horizontal swing range 17000mm
Maximum load of boom 1500kg
Lifting load 1000kg
Maximum clamping load 1300kg
Sliding stroke of arm base 3800mm