GHP3515T Engineering Concrete Wet shotcrete Trolley

  • Maximum theoretical displacement:35m³/h

  • Main cylinder bore:ф100mm

  • Conveying pipe diameter: ф125~ф90mm

  • Machine weight: 15500kg

Applied range:

The equipment has a multi-joint degree of freedom controlled manipulator, with large operating coverage and no blind spots, which can meet the construction needs of various cross-section tunnels and improve construction efficiency.


robotic arm

Ten thousand times of fatigue vibration test, longer life, specially designed hydraulic system, more sensitive action

Drive axle

Hydraulic transmission, electronically controlled power shift without stopping, more convenient control and more stable performance

remote control

Use customized remote control, durable, 100 meters long distance wireless remote control

Power cable

Standard tensile and wear-resistant 3x35 cable, strong resistance to voltage fluctuations and extended service life


projectBasic performanceunitparameter
Machine parametersVehicle size (L×W×H)mm7770x2645x3230
Total Weightkg15500
pumping systemMaximum theoretical displacementm3/h35
Master cylinder boremmMedium 100
Concrete cylinder boremm8180
Concrete cylinder strokemm1000
Delivery pipe diametermm125~90
Maximum particle sizemm15
Concrete outlet pressurebar83
Hopper capacitym30.3
walking systemway of walking
Drive axle
Wet Brake Axle
four-wheel steering
drive mode
four-wheel drive
Minimum turning radiusm5.8
engine powerkW97
Wheelbase × Wheelbasemm3900×1920
Walking speed I/II/IIIKm/h6/11/20
Maximum grade
36% (20°)
Minimum ground clearancemm346
Braking distancem5 (20km/h)
robotic armMax spraying heightm7.4 depth - 15.8 height
Maximum spraying widthm±13.5
Rotation angle(°)270
 Rotation angle of the nozzle(°)±180
Left and right rotation angle of nozzle(°)±120
Nozzle brushing angle(°)8 (continuous)
Nozzle swing angle(°)8 (continuous)
Minimum blasting tunnelm4
Hydraulic systemMain motor powerkW55
Fuel tank capacityL390
Hydraulic oil pollution degree
Main pump displacementml/r145
cleaning systemPump model
Tank volumeL500
drive mode
Hydraulic drive
use altitudemBelow 3000