UPS-20JT Mine Truck-mounted Robot Shotcrete Machine

  • Theoretical spraying displacement:20m³/h

  • Outlet pressure of concrete:60bar

  • Conveying pipe: Φ125-Φ80mm

  • Maximum aggregate size: 15mm

Applied range:

The equipment has a multi-joint degree of freedom controlled manipulator, with large operating coverage and no blind spots, which can meet the construction needs of various cross-section tunnels and improve construction efficiency.


Electric control system

Adopting special controller;better dust resistance and water resistance;low failure rate, can adapt to harsh environment.Control panel adopts a sunken design to prevent wrong operation.

Wireless remote controller

Customized remote control AUTEC,strong anti-interference ability, 100m ultra-long distance wireless remote control.

Concrete pump

Large bore & long stroke concrete cylinder ;Strong suction ability,maximum pumping flow reaches up to 20m³/h

Additive pump

Signal pulse feedback, originally imported ,proportional flow valve to accurately control the flow in real time.


ItemBasic PerformanceData
Machine dataDimension7000*2140*2450mm
Total weight11000kg
Pumping systemTheoretical spraying displacement20m³/h
Concrete cylinder boreΦ140mm
Concrete cylinder stroke1000mm
Conveying pipeΦ125-Φ80mm
Maximum aggregate size15mm
Hopper volume0.3m³
Outlet pressure of concrete60bar
Water-cement ratio0.45~0.6
Filling height1350mm
ChassisTraveling wayWheel type
Driving axleHydraulic wet brake axle
Driving/SteeringFour-wheel driving/Articulated steering
Articulated angle±47.5°
Min.turning radiusInner 3215mm/ Outer 5845mm
Engine power81kw/2200RPM
Wheelbase×Wheel tread3920mm×1540mm
Max.traveling speed18km
Max.climbing degree16°
Min.ground clearance280mm
Braking distance≤3.5m
Robot armMax.spraying height-vertical8.8m
Max.spraying distance-horizontal7.4m
Max.spraying width14.8m
Swing angle of arm270°
Rotation angle-nozzle±180°
Left-right rotation angle-nozzle±120°
Nutation angle8°(continuous)
Pitching angle-30°/+60°
Additive pumpPump modelJXHIN-20
Pump typePeristaltic pump
Driving wayHydraulic
Flow rate0~400L/h
Max.outlet pressure12bar
Hydraulic systemMain motor power37kw
Rated speed1475r/min
Rated voltage380V/optional
Oil tank volume270L
Degree of hydraulic oil pollutionNAS1638-9
Oil pump displacement95/33/23/23
Air compressorMotor power45kw
Air volume9.2m³/min
Air pressure6bar