GYP-90D Hydraulic wet shotcrete machine

  • Production capacity :3-9m³/h

  • Maximum system pressure:22MPa

  • Working wind pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa

  • Maximum aggregate :15mm

Applied range:

GYP-90D hydraulic wet spraying machine is widely used in the construction of highways, railways, tunnels, hydropower stations and other projects.


Accelerator with stepless adjustment

Accelerator addition could be adjusted continuously ,and making stepless adjustment according to  spray quantity.

High automation,easy operation

Electric equipment is centralized control by PLC with reliable performance ,long service life ,programmed working and easy operation.

Adjust delivery capacity with high flexibility

Delivery capacity can be adjusted as needed ( Switching swing frequency ≤16).

Stable performance,less wearing parts,low maintenance cost

This machine has stable performance,less wearing parts and low maintenance cost.


Basic performance Parameters
Production capacity 3-9m³/h
System pressure 22MPa
Outlet pressure of concrete 6Mpa
Motor power 15+5.5KW
Cylinder bore×stroke 120*600mm
Hopper volume 0.13m³
Cement ratio 0.45-0.6
Working wind  pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Feeding height 910mm
Maximum aggregate diameter 15mm
Distribution valve of concrete S tube valve
Lubrication system Manual +auto
Slump of concrete 120-180mm
Fuel tank volume 129L
Cooling way of hydraulic oil Air cooling
Dust around the machine <6mg/m³
Resilient rate ≤10%
Machine weight 1550kg
Dimension 2950*1210*1420mm