Hydraulic wet mix shotcrete machine GYP-90

  • Introduction :Dry-mix Shotcrete Machine, Wet-mix Wet-mix Shotcrete Machine, te Machine, te Machine, te Machine, te Machine, Grouting machineDry-mix Shotcrete Machine Wet-mix Wet-mix Shotcrete machine te Machine te machine te Machine te Machine, Grouting machine
  • Device :
    Dry-mix Shotcrete Machine
    Wet-mix Shotcrete Machine
    Grouting machine, Sandblast Hose
    Diesel Rock DrillDry-mix Shotcrete Machine
    Wet-mix Shotcrete Machine, Grouting machine
    Sandblast Hose,
    Diesel Rock DI



The customer is a well-known enterprise in the local crushing industry. It has its own mines, crushing production lines, lime kilns, pulverizers and other resources. Many of them have developed in one and enjoy a good reputation in the local area. After cooperating with our company, the customer is very satisfied with the company's European version of the mill. This case has become a local high-quality model project.


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