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  • GYZ-4 Dual-fluid pulping and grouting machine
  • - Applied range -
  • Cement paste grouting of anchoring, tunneling, underground continuous wall, of road and bridge in highway, earth dam of reservoir river ,earth-rock dam body, and loose bed of dam foundation, karst cave ,and fault water plugging.
  • GHP3017E
  • Engineering Concrete Wet Spray Trolley

  • The equipment has a multi-joint degree of freedom controlled manipulator, with large operating coverage and no blind spots, which can meet the construction needs of various cross-section tunnels and improve construction efficiency.

Construction Site

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  • Henan Gengli Engineering Equipment Co Ltd.
  • is a high and new tech enterprise,specialized in R&D, and production of concrete supporting equipment Located in Mengjin,Luoyang it covers an production area of 60000 m²,with the strong independent innovation ability.

  • The equipment has passed ISO certification to ensure that the quality of each factory equipment is qualified
  • Factory direct sales equipment without any intermediate costs
  • A dedicated technician is on site to take charge of equipment installation and commissioning