GSZ-8 Double-cylinder pulping and grouting machine

  • Theoretic output quantity:8m³ /h
  • Maximum delivery distance:Horizontal 200m/Vertical 60m
  • Plunger cylinder:2
  • Motor speed:1480r/min
Applied range: Cement paste grouting of anchoring,tunneling,underground continuous wall,junction of road and bridge in highway,earth dam of reservoir river ,earth-rock dam body,crevice and loose bed of dam foundation, karst cave ,and fault water plugging.


High pumping pressure

High pumping pressure ,suitable for the grouting of low water-cement and high-concentration mortar.

Grouting pipe is easy to disassemble, and convenient to clean and maintain

The grouting pipe is connected with a quick connector ,making it easy to disassemble and clean.

Grouting one board and two linings within 2 hours, high efficiency

Grouting one board and two linings within 2 hours,and does not occupy the normal construction time of the second lining.

Simplify construction technology,improve grouting quality

Upgraded technology to improve grouting quality and make tunnel construction easier.


Machine parameters Model GSZ-8
Machine weight 1040kg
Dimension 2160×1260×1550mm
Production capacity 8m³/h
Mixing system power 4KW
Grouting system power 11KW
Working pressure 0-5Mpa
Maximum delivery distance Horizontal 200m/Vertical 60m
Feeding height 1150mm
Mixing system Mixing speed 48r/min
Mixing hopper volume  180L
Pumping system Plunger cylinder numbers 2
Motor speed 1480r/min
Diameter of slurry pipe 42mm
Electronic control system Pressure factory setting 6Mpa