GL-3ZA Tri-plunger high-pressure grouting pump

  • Theoretical displacement:207L/min
  • Horizontal delivery distance:0-300m
  • Vertical delivery distance:0-120m
  • Inlet diameter:64mm
Applied range: GL-3ZA three-plunger high-pressure grouting pump is mainly used for forced infusion of mortar and cement slurry.


Underground continuous wall

Cement paste grouting of underground continuous wall.

Tunnel construction

Cement paste grouting of tunneling.

Junction of road and bridge in highway

Cement paste grouting of junction of road and bridge in highway.


Cement paste grouting of anchoring.


Item Unit GL-3ZA
Rating speed n r/min 91 245
Theoretical displacement Qth L/min 76 207
Pressure Cement paste Mpa 12 4
Mortar 10 3.7
Medium ratio   kg Water:cement:sand=0.5:1.1:1.2
Inlet diameter D mm 64
Outlet diameter D mm 32
Power N KW 18.5
Dimension L×B×H mm 1800×945×705
Machine weight   kg 930
Horizontal delivery distance L m 0-380
Vertical delivery distance H m 0-120