GLZ-5 Screw grouting pump

  • Production capacity:5m³ /h

  • Sand particle size:≤3mm

  • Water-cement ratio:&≥0.3mm

  • Delivery distance:Horizontal 60m/Vertical 30m

Applied range:

The main function is to push the cement mortar to overcome the resistance of the pipeline to reach the pouring site. It is widely used in highways, railway tunnels, urban subways, hydropower stations, underground caves/chambers and other anchoring grouting projects.


High cost performance ,safe and reliable operation

Compact structure ,easy operation ,high reliability ,imported electrical components.

Passive pressure-rise to ensure grouting pressure

Passive pressure-rise ,when the slurry is full,pressure rises gradually for easier control and maint

Grouting sand with a wide range of particle size

Large cement-sand ratio ,wide range of sand particle size.

Wheel design ,convenient and flexible transition

Light weight ,wheel design ,easy movement.


Model GLZ-5
Production capacity 5m³/h
Total motor power 10.5KW
Sand particle size ≤3mm
Water-cement ratio ≥0.3mm
 Delivery distance Horizontal 60m
Vertical 30m
Mixing hopper volume 210L
Feeding height 1247mm
Machine weight 660kg
Dimension 2566×868×1247mm