• Automatically shifting steel bars to ensure continuous production.
  • Five-way simultaneous bending, high work efficiency.
  • Host machine with reasonable structure and precise bending angle.
  • High-strength bending platform guide rails with high quality and durable operation.

CNC Steel bar bending center

With material

On the basis of GL-G2L32, a steel bar bending equipment including a feeding rack is developed to meet various needs of users.

Technical parameters

Steel bar diameter Φ10mm-Φ32mm rebar Bending direction Two-way
Bending length 300-11700mm Bending angle 0-180 °
Bending speed 60/s Bending space ≥700mm
Moving speed 0.6m/s Length accuracy ±1mm
Angle accuracy ±1° Total power 19kW
Single bending number Diameter Φ12 Φ16 Φ18 Φ25 Φ30 Φ32
Number 6 5 4 3 2 1


Technical parameters

Steel bar diameter Φ10mm-Φ32mm rebar Bending direction Two-way
Bending length 300-11700mm Bending angle ±160 °
Bending speed 70/s Bending space ≥700mm
Moving speed 0.5-0.9m/s Length accuracy ±1mm
Angle accuracy ±1° Total power 30kW

Machined Shape

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