GZJB Hydraulic Grouting Pump

  • Working ability:4m³ /h
  • Weight:600kg
  • Size:1550*1050*1150mm
  • Conveying Pressure:7Mpa
Applied range: Tunnel excavation and maintenance, road, bridge, dam, mine construction, high-rise building foundation works and all kinds of grouting works


High pumping pressure

High pumping pressure ,suitable for the grouting of low water-cement and high-concentration mortar.

Simplify construction technology,improve grouting quality

Upgraded technology to improve grouting quality and make tunnel construction easier.

Grouting pipe is easy to disassemble, and convenient to clean and maintain

The grouting pipe is connected with a quick connector ,making it easy to disassemble and clean.

Grouting one board and two linings within 2 hours, high efficiency

Grouting one board and two linings within 2 hours,and does not occupy the normal construction time


tem Parameters
Theoretical Output 4m3/h
Maximum System Pressure 7Mpa
Conveying Pressure 7Mpa
Total Weight 600kg
Overall Dimension 1550*1050*1150mm
Maximum Conveying Distance 200/60m(Horizontal, Vertical)
Main Motor Power 11kw
Voltage Classes 380V
Inner Diameter of Infusion Tube/ ¢32/¢51mm
Inner Diameter of Absorption Tube