GZ-5D Screw grouting pump

  • Production capacity:5m³ /h

  • Maximum system pressure: 3.5Mpa

  • Working pressure:0-3.5MPa

  • Maximum aggregate diameter:3mm

Applied range:

GZ-5D screw grouting pump is a new generation of screw grouting pump upgraded and optimized on the basis of the original GZ-5. Compared with the original GZ-5, it has more reliable performance, less wearing parts, easy maintenance and other advantages.


Stable pressure, wide application range

Continuous and uniform liquid discharge, stable pressure, suitable for harsh construction environment.

Simple structure, easy maintenance

Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, light weight, easy to move.

High cost performance ,safe and reliable operation

Compact structure ,easy operation ,high reliability ,imported electrical components.

Wheel design ,convenient and flexible transition

Light weight ,wheel design ,easy movement.


Production capacity5m³/h
Maximum system pressure3.5Mpa
Working pressure0-3.5Mpa
Maximum aggregate diameter≤3mm
Maximum delivery distanceHorizontal 60m/Vertical30m
Machine weight300kg
Motor power7.5KW
Voltage level380V