GZ-5 Screw grouting pump

  • Production capacity:5m³ /h
  • Working pressure:0-3.5MPa
  • Maximum aggregate diameter:3mm
  • Maximum delivery distance:Horizontal 60m/Vertical 30m
Applied range: Suitable for construction fields such as bolt grouting, backfilling, consolidation grouting, etc. of underground caverns such as highways, railways, subways, and hydropower stations


Simple structure, easy maintenance

It is suitable for saturated grouting of various slumps to ensure construction quality ;The pressure can be adjusted between 2.5-5.0Mpa according to the actual construction requirements.

High cost performance ,safe and reliable operation

Compact structure ,easy operation ,high reliability ,imported electrical components.

Grouting sand with a wide range of particle size

Large cement-sand ratio ,wide range of sand particle size.

Wheel design ,convenient and flexible transition

Light weight ,wheel design ,easy movement.


Model GZ-5
Production capacity 5m³/h
Working pressure 0-3.5Mpa
Maximum aggregate diameter 3mm
Maximum delivery distance Horizontal 60m/Vertical30m
Machine weight 400kg
Dimension 2400×860×1190mm
Inner diameter of delivery pipe φ32
Main motor power 7.5KW
Voltage 380V