• GL1500-2500
  • Steel reinforcement cage seam welder

Fast forming, completely replaced manual binding with high production efficiency.

Adopting Ansteel GB steel,sturdily constructed and no deformation.

Modular design,convenient lifting and transfer,reduce abor cost.

GL1500-2500  | Machined Shape
GL1500-2500  | Technical Parameters
CNC steel reinforcement cage seam welder
Model GT-1500 GT-2000 GT-2500
Pile diameter(mm) 300-1500mm 400-2000mm 800-2500mm
Cage length(m) 12 18 24 27 12 18 24 27 12 18 24 27
Maximum cage weight(kg) 4500 6000 8000
Cage length(m) 9-27
Diameter of Winding bar(mm) Φ5-φ14
Winding space(mm) 50-500                      
Diameter of main bar(mm) Φ12-φ40
Hydraulic station pressure(Mpa) 10M
Rated total power(KW) 15 23 27
Dimension(L*W*H)(m) 28.5*5*25 38.5*5*2.5 16.5*5.5*2.5 54.5*5.5*2.5 28.5*8*3.3 38.5*8*3.3 46.5*8*3.3 54.5*8*3.3 28.5*8.5*3.5 38.5*8.5*3.5 46.5*8.5*3.5 54.5*8.5*3.
Equipment weight(kg) 12500 16000 18000 2000 18000 21000 24000 28500 18000 21000 24000
  • GLWY-2500
  • Automatic welding&circle bending machine
  • 3 times higher in precision,
  • 2 times faster in ration

Servo motor +high precision planetary gear reducer, high energy utilization ,energy saving and environmental protection.

  • High automation,
  • full-automatic welding

Full-automatic welding, servo motor control welding, more precise movement.

  • Quality and quantity assured,
  • high safety coefficient

Effectively control the lap joint of reinforcing ring, and the welding seam is full,satisfying your quality requirements for finished products.

GLWY-2500  | Machined Shape
GLWY-2500  | Technical Parameters
Model GLWY-2500
Bending range Φ16-Φ32mm Bending speed 80cm/min
Bending motor power 4KW Cutting motor power 380kg
Engine power 380V/50HZ Dimension L2500×W2650×H2300mm
Machine weight 1700kg
  • GLJQR-30
  • Welding Robot

Reduce manufacturing cost effectively ,and greatly improve production efficiency


Perfectly substitute manual operation, beneficial to continuous production


Automated welding robot of high flexibility.


Compact production facilities, no need to extend the plant.

GLWY-2500  | Machined Shape
Model GLJQR-30
Rated load 10kg Sixth axis ±360°
Structure type Series connection Maximum speed (First axis) 190°/S
Axis numbers 6 Second axis 205°/S
Working radius 1925mm Third axis 210°/S
Repetitive accuracy <±0.06mm Fourth axis 400°/S
Maximum working range(First axis) ±180° Fifth axis 360°/S
Second axis ﹢115°/-105° Sixth axis 610°/S
Third axis ﹢150°/-163° Machine weight 230kg
Fourth axis ±270° Installation way Floor /Ceiling
Fifth axis ±145° Control system E01
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